Youth Team - Club Information



The registration process for STYFC U7-10 players is now open!


Parents of players in those age groups only for now simply need to follow the link below and register your son/daughter's details. 

One significant change from last year is the payment process, which is moving to a Direct Debit system. We recommend you have your bank details ready to hand to make the registration quicker. The payments will be taken automatically on the first of each month.

Please note, once the Direct Debit is in place for July and your current June standing order payment has been made, you will need to cancel your existing standing order before 1st July 2016. 

All U7-10 players will need to provide an ID document - a photo/copy of either a passport or birth certificate - as well as a passport style photo featuring head and shoulders only with a clear background or we may not be able to accept it.  Again, it is recommended that these are on hand before starting to speed up the registration process. The link is designed to work on a PC as well as a smart phone so the aforementioned documents can simply be pictures taken on your phone.


To complete the registration click on the below link on either your PC or smart phone. Please don't use the back/forward buttons during the process.


As mentioned above, the process will ask you to set up a Direct Debit. This will be online also and you will find the set up pages via a series of links at the end of the process. If you navigate away from the Direct Debit links you can get back to them using the following:


STYFC U7-10 phase -

STYFC U11-17 phase -

STYFC U18 and Girl's teams -


Please note: only once your Direct Debit is in place will your son/daughter be insured and hence eligible to play for a STYFC team.

I'd like to thank you once again for choosing a STYFC team for your son/daughter to play their football.

I look forward to seeing them in action through the year! 


Best regards,


Ryan Murray 

Chairman of STYFC