Supporters' survey results

Supporters' survey results

We've been thrilled with the response our fans have shown to the survey.  We received a good number of responses, all of which will help inform our strategy.  The results have already been discussed at our last board meeting.

Director of Supporter Engagement Mike Rowcroft provides a summary of some of the most important details below.


On behalf of the Club, I would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the Survey.  The Prize Draw was made in the Moors Tavern on Saturday 1st October following the Chorley game and congratulations go to Cyril Dunn, Andrew Robinson, Ruth Wharrier and Steve Wreglesworth who were drawn out of the hat.

The results of the Survey can be downloaded from the website for anyone wishing to view the stats in more detail.

The Survey asked what improvements could be made to the Brewery Field and how we can improve the match day experience.  We have summarised all of the comments and the good news is that what the supporters want from the club is something we are already working towards as a whole.

There are a number of other issues that we need to take on board and the comments will be passed on to the relevant teams.

By far, the largest group of comments centred on the provision of more covered stands, seating and improvements to the terracing.  Plans are at an advanced stage to do just that.  A lot of work has been going on in the background over the last few months to draw up revised plan for developing the ground and these have been preliminarily submitted to the Authorities for comment prior to the full application being submitted.  We expect the full application to be made in the near future once the results of the preliminary submission are known.

The second largest set of comments centred on the catering provision and that detail will be passed on to the Catering team.

The two other main areas for your concern related to the PA system and the Toilet provision.  Both of these are currently under review by the Operations Director.

Finally there were a large number of smaller issues all of which will be reviewed and addressed in due course.  Some of which are actionable immediately such as the floodlights which are undergoing their annual maintenance this week. This will see the lamps re-aligned and new bulbs fitted where required and the difference should be there for all to see at the next night match.

Other suggestions such as levelling the pitch are on the radar should we progress through the divisions.  This work is subject to available funding, though the planned development work will be sympathetic to the prospect of the pitch being levelled at some stage in the future.

All of the remaining comments will be passed on to the relevant teams for action where possible.


Mike Rowcroft

Director of Supporter and Community Engagement