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Spennymoor Town FC Supporters Club

Meeting held on the 20th August 2016

The meeting opened at 1pm with 22 members present.

1. The minutes of the meeting held on the 23rd July 2016 were read and accepted as a true record. 

2. The Treasurer then gave her report:

  • Last Year ended with a balance of £4643.76
  • £800 received from 80 paid up members
  • Domino cards sold on away coaches to Ossett, Tadcaster and Hednesford raised £75
  • £100 was paid to STFC to sponsor two players
  • The bank balance currently stands at £5418.76

3. Help was requested to sell Domino cards on the coach to away matches.  Several members offered to help out.

4. It was agreed to continue with the STFC letter draw and purchase £10 worth of tickets each month. 

5. Steve Lawson informed the meeting there was a spare space for a supporter’s club pitch side board.  The club need the artwork to be supplied. 

6. Different ways of informing club members was suggested.  An entry in the match day programme and also using social media was suggested.  Chris Rowcroft agreed to look into these ideas and also agreed to join the Supporters Club Committee.

7. New Supporters Club badges will be purchased when a new design has been agreed. 

8. There was a suggestion to hold an evening for the Supporters Club Members at the Moors Tavern – it was agreed to postpone this until we saw how the Clubhouse was progressing and availability in the diary. 

9. There was a proposal to give £2000 of the Supporters Club Funds to STFC which was seconded.  A second proposal was put forward to wait until the next meeting when we hope to have a better attendance to vote on the first proposal.  This proposal was passed and efforts will be made to contact every member for their view and to attend the next meeting. 

The next meeting will be held on 24th September 2016

The meeting closed at 1:45pm.



Held on 23rd July 2016

The meeting opened at 1.10 pm with 32 members present.

1)  The minutes of the meeting held on 23rd April 2016 were read and accepted as a true record. 

2)  The Treasurer then gave her report: -

a)  At the last meeting the bank balance stood at: £5288.91                   

b) Since then we paid £635.15p to STFC to cover half the losses incurred with the cost of coaches to away matches.                     

c) The bank balance now stands at £4653.76 

3)  The committee was re- elected as follows                        

Chairman - Peter Dennis 

Treasurer - Connie Wailes                  

Secretary - Ernie Hamer                      

Committee - Brian Edgcumbe 

4)  The members draw held on the coach was scrapped.  It was proposed to hold a monthly draw of £10.00, which was passed. 

5)  The meeting agreed to sponsor two players again this year. The players chosen are  

James Curtis and Robert Ramshaw.    

6)  It was suggested that members should show their membership cards when boarding

Coaches to away matches, and get priority to seats on the coach.

Since STFC run the coaches, it’s for them to set prices and who gets priority.  It is normally first come first served. 

7) The purchase of a wreath for Remembrance Day was suggested and it was agreed to spend £20.00p 

8)  New badges for the Supporters Club were suggested at a cost of £140.00, plus £12.00   p&p for 100 badges. 

The meeting was informed we still have a large quantity of badges behind the bar. It was agreed to give each member a free badge and try and sell the rest on the internet before buying new badges.


The next meeting will be held on 20th August 2016                              

Meeting closed at 1.52pm.   

This was followed by a meeting with the Manager and Staff, and the introduction of five of the new players.    


Download the Supporters Club Application form below:

Supporters Club Application Form.pdf

Cost of Membership will be decided at the meeting on the 23rd July.




The minutes from last season have been archived and can be downloaded here.







History of the Club badgeWith thanks to

The crest of Spennymoor United AFC was granted to Spennymoor Urban Council in 1952, although it is uncertain when it was first used on the Spennymoor United club shirts.

The features on the arms symbolise prominent families in the birth of Spennymoor town, its association with the steel and coal industries and a famous 19th century battle.

The black and red quarters of the shield represent the local coal workings and furnaces, the mural crown – sitting on a closed helmet – denotes the town’s association with the coal industry, while the sword (held by the salamander) and flames show links with the steel industry and its furnaces. The gold cross, separating the four quarters is taken from the arms of Durham County Council, with the ten blood droplets recalling the combat at Butchers Race which played a great part in the battle of Neville’s Cross.

The lions, the fleur-de-lys and the salamander are linked to the prominent families of Attwood, Coulson and Shafto (from where the verse “Bobby Shafto went to sea” originated).

The inscription at the bottom of the crest means, “with hope no-one shall fail” and refers to the spirit that saved Durham at Butchers Race and the faith that animated the pioneers of industry in Spennymoor.

The name ‘Spennymoor’ is believed to have originated from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘Spen’ – thought to mean ‘hedge’